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This month I am creating awareness for womb awakening and womb – healing.

How connected are you to your womb? How comfortable do you feel talking about your womb, sex and sexuality?

This WOMB CONVERSATIONS is the first awareness and the beginning of the journey of the WOMB, a very deepening journey into the mystery of your universe, a place for growth, transformation, generation, creativity and of birth to our own self, to our own fulfilment, to our own wholeness.

First step of WOMB healing is discovering the first spiral of the Womb. This can be done trough having a dialoge with your womb and trough this conversation discover what is there. What is there in your WOMB, will you allow her to speak out to you?

This month I am going to invite you on this journey WOMB Conversations. Each day I will post a question that will help you connect with your womb. Before answering this question take a deep breath into your womb, your sacred space. Place your hands on your womb and listen.

Day 1: Are you disease free in your belly, womb, and sexual organs?

Day 2: What is your mother’s story with her body and sexuality?

Day 3: Do you suffer from PMS or hormonal misbalance?

Day 4: Do you feel emotionally clear about your birth story? That is to say, were you born through a cesarean section, the force of forceps, were you induced or premature, was the umbilical cord tied around your neck? Was the birth traumatic, what drugs were there used, was your mother in danger, were you adopted?

Day 5: Do you feel any impact from your birth story now?

Day 6: If you have had an abortion, miscarriage or a stillbirth, did you have the time to grieve it?

Day 7: Do you have orgasms? Are your orgasms fully- bodied?

Day 8: Have you suffered sexual, emotional or physical abuse in your life?

Day 9: Do you recognise how you often abuse and punish yourself by your internal dialogue or actions?

Day 10: Do you enjoy making love? (When you breathe into this question, be honest, be in your body, be in your womb, in your yoni)

Day 11: Are you completely open and receptive to being penetrated by a lover?

Day 12: Do you hold back pleasure or sound while making love?

Day 13: Are you able to Love your body, your womanhood, in total acceptance?

Day 14: Are you able to take time and touch your body, yourself, your Yoni with Love? Without feeling shame or guilt?

Day 15: Where does fear lives in your body? Where does power lives in your body?

Day 16: Do you honor your gut feelings and intuition?

Day 17: Are you in touch with your desires? Do you know what you desire and can you speak openly about it?

Day 18: Do you get indigestion, stomach upset, heartburn, period pain, bloating?

Day 19: Can you embrace both feminine and masculine energies within?

Day 20: Do you trust, or compete other women?

Day 21: What happend when you first started bleeding as a young woman?

Day 22: How much bliss you are allowing yourself in your everyday life?