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This is a unique chance to get to know me and my work as a Shamanic Womb Healer.

So do you feel your Womb calling?

Your womb holds so much power, WOMAN.

But most of us don’t know how to access it.

Often we find ourselves disconnected and our Wombs showing all kinds of dis-eases. From pre menstrual pains, to HPV, PCOS, Endometriosis, we do not have a clue how to heal. We are numb and influenced by outside health care. We have forgotten that we are the ones holding the key.

Some common symptoms of WOMB disconnection
• Pain in the womb and uterine region.
• Abnormal or heavy vaginal bleeding.
• Irregular menstrual cycle.
• Abnormal vaginal discharge.
• Pain in the pelvis, lower abdomen or rectal area.
• Increased menstrual cramping.
• Increased urination.
• Pain during intercourse
• Fatigue

And these are only a small list of physical symptoms. There is a much bigger list to all the mental, emotional and energetic symptoms that women experience when they are disconnected to their Womb.

But I’m here to remind you… you’re not alone.

In WOMB HEALING RITUALS, I will take you on a little journey where hopefully you might hear her soft whispers. As she is always inviting you back home.

27 June 2023
20.00 CEST