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Spinal Attunement Sessies


When the bodies neurogenic healing intelligence wakes up, lifetimes of illnesses can move and heal in just one session.

Currently, as one of the only certified practitioners in the world, I am excited to now share sessions that have transformed my entire back & overall health. For the first time in my life, I am waking up without any pain in my body, and I can now share this deeply enlivening experience.

The Spinal Attunement method teaches you a pinpoint and precise method of working with the spine and peripheral nervous system to awaken this intelligence & create accelerated healing in the body. It is an accelerated healing modality that works by finding the precise points of tension in the spine and nervous system + unwinds them by finding the access points, through the subtle energy system, that unwind the points organically. ​​​​​​​​ Spinal Attunement IS the Attunement of the bodies, the etheric, the physical and the spiritual.

I offer 1:1 session price €150 ; Group session €75

“It was in full resistance that I was led to Sigourney Belle and SomaMystica to the Spinal Attunement Method to reconnect with my love of the spine, nervous system & working on the body. It was so profound I vomited twice at the end of class as everything moved through me. Fell down landing hard on my knee as I walked to the hotel (which began to realign my old hip injury). Spent half the night crying as I came home to my body, from prior years of disassiciation. My business and investments crumbled completely that weekend. Relationships changed, unable to sustain cracks in the foundations of them. It was one of the best decisions I ever made to step into that space.”
-Laura Cantrell, Spinal Attunement Practitioner.

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