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Women lie, Pussy’s don’t

The WOMB CONVERSATIONS of this month end with this article

Women lie, PUSSY’s don’t

This sentence touched me deeply in my soul, my vagina, my pussy my yoni, however you would love to call your Sacred Goddess. Do you feel triggered? Read…

It is by no means our intention to lie as women. We are being raised in a certain way, we are afraid of our own shadow. Often our lying comes from a place of being fully in our heads without contact with our bodies, or our yoni’s. Often because we do not have a clue. Sometimes because we have deep patterns of pleasing others. Or because we feel we can’t grant ourselves pleasure.

Sad, but true… at least in my case.

And in order to hide this we ‘lie’. Meaning not intentionally but because we simply don’t know better. When we are afraid of peoples opinions, afraid of rejection, afraid to show ourselves, we are hiding out. That usually makes us feel like an imposer, we feel shame and guilt. As if at any minute someone can expose you. In order to prevent exposure we pretend. Every time we pretend we put out ourselves in the cold. This coldness than settles in our wombs and yoni’s and our AMAZING PUSSY POWER disappears.

We start believing scientific research about women having low libido, women not wanting sex as often as men. We stop flirting, stop having contact with our desires, we stop this life force we are. We hide the Goddess, the Destroyer, The Flirt, The Whore, The Horny Bitch, The Bitch from Hell. And we start to play different roles…(LIE)

But our Pussy’s don’t lie… they loose power, loose boundaries, loose creativity, loose playfulness, loose pleasure. We basically step out of the pleasure zone and set ourself in coldness.

So do you recognise some of this?

You feel little or no satisfaction after sex.

You experience boredom, pain or discomfort during sex

You don’t feel like having sex

Your creativity hardly flows

You continue to have sex even if you don’t feel like it anymore

You feel used after or during sex

You go along with the rhythm of the other and open up under pressure from the other

You have little or no sex drive anyway

And these are just the sex questions don’t get me started about general disharmony questions in your life…

Last few weeks have been quite a ride for my own journey. As a Womb Shaman I work with healing and restoring the energy of the womb so that women can return home to themselves.I cherished the Yoni as an holy entrance to the portal of the womb. The word PUSSY brought so much resistance in my body. A deep feeling of shame and guilt, a feeling of being terrified.
I could see my Yoni but not my Pussy.

This journey I am in with 400 Sister Goddesses opened my eyes so WIDE. We are all afraid of our PUSSY POWER. We all have deep beliefs about fully embracing also the SEXY, DESIROUS, SENSUAL GODDESS within. Because we have been hurt, violated, abused, scolded out, stoned for it.

YOUR PUSSY never lies, if you are experiencing any disharmony in your sex life, work life, in any relation to others or yourself, life in general. Your Pussy is calling you in!. She is inviting you to HEAL YOUR WOMB from any dis-ease.

She is inviting you to connect with her fully so you may live again, experience pleasure and joy. She is the sacred portal to your womb, your womb is the center of you being, she will help you heal.

YOUR PUSSY is magnificent she is pure, radiant, authentic, beautiful and sacred, in all her wildness, wetness, sensuality and power.


If you are interested to travel on this journey together (I do international healing sessions) please call on me